The JM Wright Technical High School community is a family.  Success is a by-product of our commitment to working together and respecting each other.  My vision is to lead Wright Tech toward being one of the best technical high schools in Connecticut.  Moreover, I am committed to developing, nurturing, and sustaining a culture that provides one of the best high school experiences anywhere, in any town, throughout the state.

Below I have listed THREE CORE VALUES I believe are key to our growth as a school community.  I look forward to working with all of you and sharing in the pursuit of learning, collaboration, and excellence.


1.  Culture of Learning: JM Wright Technical High School will be a place where the climate provides personalized learning for every student, with a focus on improving the instructional core.  We will raise the level of student achievement through a relentless focus on school culture and climate.

2.  Culture of Collaboration: JM Wright Technical High School will be a place where all stakeholders work together and take ownership in developing and sustaining a vibrant student-centered learning environment.  We will work collectively to increase the level of students’ engagement and connectedness with their school community.

3.  Culture of Excellence:  JM Wright Technical High School will be a place where academic, personal, and professional excellence is an expectation for all and a place where everyone is treated with respect, fairness, and appreciation. We will develop a cultural belief that all students can learn and achieve at high levels.  We will celebrate our successes.


Justin Lowe, Ed.D.
J.M. Wright Technical High School

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